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Allen Kares

It is not your fault and

here is what you can do about it to

free your mind and create greater success


is something that is always there for us whether we are aware of it or not. We are constantly devising images, thoughts, and emotions of the past, present, or future. Thinking things through and planning is vital but...

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The problem

arises when we think too much into things because that is when this background mental activity runs rampant and uncontrolled…. it creates a wide array ofunnecessary issues. Too many thoughts trigger too many emotions and the result is stress, anxiety, worry, and overwhelm which then affects your work, relationships, mental clarity, and even your physical and financial health.


inhibits your imagination and limits our capacity to come up with clever solutions for our day to day problems or life goals. The time you spend overthinking is lost forever. When too much is happening in our minds then too little is happening at work and life. You need to learn how to direct your thoughts and emotions so you can use your mind’s power of imagination to find solutions and create a path that leads to your success.

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It's not your fault

You’ve been conditioned since childhood to receive other people’s input…. which leads to doubting ourselves and overthinking. The majority of the time all of those thoughts and emotions are not even yours! That’s right, other people’s opinions, ideas, and emotions can reprogram your mind. This extra stuff creates false identities, concepts, beliefs, and limit your perception about you, life, reality, and the way you see the world.

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The solution

The good news is that you can do something about it.

  • You can retake control of your mind, thoughts, and emotions.
  • You can regain peace and space in your mind for creativity and imagination to blossom.
  • You can de-program, recode, and release the extra stuff that is not yours!
  • You can become an imagineer and create more abundance, joy, love, success in your personal, spiritual, and professional life!
  • It is easier than you think... and it gets better overtime. Next are 7 practical solutions...

7 tips & Tactics

  • 1. Realize that overthinking is Not your fault. Begin to consider that thinking too much is not your fault, feeling too much is not your fault. You’ve been programmed to take IN other people’s stuff, but know that there are ways to reprogram yourself and reset to your natural state of mental peace, clarity, and productive imagination.
  • 2. Identify what takes your mind off of things. Do that when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed, worried or anxious.
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  • 3. Draw or write it down non-stop. This is one of the best ways to release the pressure in the mind.
  • 4. Talk with someone who would simply listen and not give you more opinions to think about.
  • 5. Meditate. Focus on your breathing for 5 min, that’s all it takes to regain mental space and clarity.
  • 6. Walk in Nature or look up to the sky. This always works for all humans. Walk barefoot on grass.
  • 7. Take it further! Join Project IMAGINE to become an imagineer capable of using the power of your mind to create more of what you want through the power of your imagination. Even if you think you’re not the creative type you can learn to harness this innate human superpower.


Allen Kares

Imagine • BE-Love • Create

It began

when I was a little kid....I felt like a bird in a cage, being sick most of the time left me confined to bed or indoors and not able to have fun like other kids. Instead of giving up, I would spend hours imagining myself playing, climbing trees, running, jumping in puddles of water, and exploring nature. I would look up to the sky and imagine myself flying like a bird high above the clouds and across vast lands, oceans, and forests. In this way I found and experienced a kind of inner freedom that can only be experienced through the power of imagination...

Fast forward

Who knew that years later I would become known as a "Master Imagineer" a term coined by a KindredSpirit. Through serendipitous events and the most inspiring experts I have ever met, I realized my favorite childhood activity and natural ability of imagination is something liken to having a superpower! An ability through which I now know that can help millions of people around the world, including you.

I intend to add value to the unfolding of life through the gift of imagination.

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is my group program where I guide visionaries to break free from overthinking, overwhelm, and low self-belief to 'take-the-bag-off-their-head' and see the impossible as possible and feel-know-embrace their inner power and magic so they can show up joyfully and genuinely in their personal and professional life.

Are you ready to go beyond what you think is possible?

  • Get on a path that leads to success, joy, and inner freedom.
  • Allow your Logical brain to meet your imagination brain. ~imagination is the key that opens infinite possibilities.

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"Imagineering is creating the present from the future" -Allen Kares


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